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Tower Expanse : Overview

Tower Expanse is an online, Tower Defense, PvP game that takes place on a magical planet with factions of robots competing for its elemental resources.

Tower Expanse is still in development but will be open to a limited number beta testers in Mid to Late 2018, with beta tester registration announced via Mailing List.
Music : Soundtrack
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Screenshots : Gallery
Roadmap : Progress
  • Completed Game mechanics/concepts documented Done: Oct 2017
  • Completed Round 1: Prototype Development Done: Aug 2018
  • In Progress Round 2: Enhancements Development Target: 2020
  • To Be Determined Open to limited # of Beta Testers Target: 2020
  • Not Started Round 3: Nice to Haves Development Target: 2020
  • To Be Determined Official Release Target: 2020
  • Not Started Multiple Languages supported Target: 2021
Multi Platorm, Single Login : Same player account, any device

Tower Expanse will be playable on:

Android Google Play App Store IOS Steam Amazon Apps
Free to play : Optional Purchases

Never "Pay to Win". Always Fair and Balanced.

We only make money from In App Purchases. In App Purchases include purchasing Tokens, an in-game currency that can be earned in many ways. Tokens can be used for buying: vanity avatars, minor chests of loot, or magical versions of the blueprint of the week.

Gameplay Overview:

Battle : PvP Arena

Concept: Fight 1 other player in a timed battle arena. Both players have Energy and Elemental resource meters. Dig up Crystals on the battle field for quicker resources. Build Towers, Minions, or Missiles. Command your Hero or Minions to move or fight or dig.

Player Differences: Enter the Arena with your: chosen Faction, Hero, its 3 equipped Trinkets, and your 3 equipped passive Enhancements. Player's level slightly affects Base HP and Element Levels slightly affect Hero stats.

Winning: First player to complete an objective wins the Battle. Objectives: Either Destroy the other player's Base or Acquire 3 Cores (much like Capture the Flag). Actions during battle impact total loot earned.

Elements : Overview

Heroes, Towers, Minions, and Missiles have variations on stats and effects based on the Element Resource used to create them. Each of these has their own Resource Meter:

Fire: Increased damage. Splash damage. Burning: Take more damage.

Ice: Increased critical hit and movement speed. Frozen: Move/Attack slower.

Lightning: Attack faster. Evade. Stunned: Can't move/attack.

Poison: Regen health. Reflect damage. Poisoned: Lose HP over time.

Energy: The anti-element. Instant attacks with chance to Penetrate.

Towers : Arena

Each Tower Type can be created with any Element Resource.

Offensive Long Range: Attacks Foes within Range. Low Damage, Low Health, Long Range

Offensive Short Range: Attacks Foes within Range. Medium Damage, Medium Health, Short Range

Resource: Recharges the Resource Meter of the type of Resource used to create it. Helps allies get resources faster from Crystals within range.

Tactical: Has 1 positive effect on allies within range, 1 negative efffect on foes within range.

Minions : Arena

Each Minion Type can be created with any Element Resource.

Repair Bot: Heals HP of damaged Towers and Minions.

Drone: Flies slowly directly to target. Ignores walls and unwalkable floors.

Shooter: Longest attack range. High crit chance. Low Damage and HP.

Fighter: Well rounded melee fighter.

Exploder: Can only inflict damage by exploding. Bomb on wheels.

Tank: Highest HP, slowest attack speed, medium damage, medium range.

Crafting : Blueprints

The only way players can obtain Heroes or Trinkets is by Crafting them from a Blueprint, which consumes the Blueprint and all required Gold, Parts, and Coins.

Crafted Heroes and Trinkets have randomized Stats, but their Passive abilities are exactly the same every time.

Everything you need for Crafting can be found from winning battles at the Arena.

Optionally: Spend Tokens on a minor loot Chest or a Magical Blueprint. Spend Gold at the Market to get more Coins, Parts, or Blueprints.

Passive Abilities : Hero and Player Bonuses

Hero Bonus: When Crafting a Hero, it has a guaranteed Bonus Passive trait. Examples: Hero revives faster when killed, Hero provides Energy resource boost when killed, Hero has +20% Crit vs Ranged Attackers.

Trinkets: Any Hero can equip any 3 Trinkets. Examples: Hero damage +10% to enemy Base, Hero takes 5 less damage, Hero Evade +15% when Carrying a Core.

Player Enhancements: Enhancements unlock by completing Achievements. Examples: Hit 5 enemies at once with a Missile, Destroy enemy base with Fire Exploder Minion. Related Enhancements: Energy Missile gains +30 Damage, Fire Exploder Minion gains +100 HP

Other Arena Features : Worth Mentioning

Terrain Obstacles: Each Map has 1 Terrain Obstacle. Example: Fire Maps have Lava. When Minions or Heroes walk over Lava, their Max HP is reduced by damage inflicted.

Crystals: Crystals are randomly placed on the Map with the Arena Battle starts. Attacking crystals will always generate Resources of the Crystal's Element. Destroying them can sometimes find a Core.

Cores: Carry any found Core back to your Base to get awarded +1 Acquired Core. First to 3 Cores wins. Destroy enemy carrying a Core to make them drop it, you can pick it up.

Territory: Building any Tower will result in owning nearby Tiles as your territory: your opponent can not build Towers in your Territory.

Missile: Create a Missile to inflict 1 time instant damage to a small area.

Game Menus : Features to Expect

Store: Spend Tokens. Buy Tokens with real money.

Market: Buy and Sell crafting materials with Gold.

Factory: Crafting of Heroes and Trinkets from Blueprints.

Workshop: Repair Durability of crafted items damaged from the Arena.

Arena: Battle other players in 1v1 mode.

Leaderboards: Daily/Weekly rankings. Tokens awarded to the top players.

Enhancements: Equip Enhancements. Review Locked Achievements.

Faction: Choose which Element you align with. Review Element Levels.

Friends List: Compare rankings, challenge to an unranked Arena Battle.